Scriptnotes’s most recent episode (I guess 293.5?) was a rerun of one of the most popular episodes, due to John having a bad cold.  In what was actually episode 99, psychotherapist Dennis Palumbo joins Craig and John to talk about psychotherapy, writing, and the mental issues writers deal with.

This was an episode I hadn’t heard, having only started listening to Scriptnotes fairly recently, so I was really glad they reran it.

There were a lot of things I hadn’t thought about.  Writing is not an easy thing.  I’m a writer–both a screenwriter and other forms, such as novel and drama, but I never really hear people talking about the difficulties that go with it, except for basic words of advice like “find a comfortable work space,” “procrastination is just a flimsy excuse,” and the like.  It was refreshing to hear a medical professional who actually had a personal background in screenwriting talk about the issues writers face, and treat them with validity.

Even after listening to the episode, it’s hard to imagine master screenwriters like William Goldman ever dealing with fears about failure or not being a good enough writer, but it was still encouraging just to hear Dennsi talking about professionals coming to him with that kind of struggle.

There was a lot of helpful advice to unpack, like writing scenes bout yourself talking to a freind who likes you about the issues you’re dealing with writing as a way to work past writer’s block, or even the freedom to actually give yourself a day off–something which generually feels shameful and guil-inducing.

I definietly think if you’re a writer, or creative artist of any sort–or really just anyone dealing with things like feelings of inadequacy, or procrastination, and fear about trying to pitch yourself and your creations, this is a great episode to listen to for a little insight and reassurance.  I know it helped me out.

It can mean a lot, even just to know other people–sucessful people–often feel the way you do.

To finish up, John and Craig end with their one cool things:  a documentary called The Imposter which incorporates some original and beautiful film techniques for action recreations, alongside documentary interview footage, and PaperKarma, an app which helps you filter out junkmail, but is sadly being shut down in late April 2017.  Dennis adds his own one cool thing–a Spanish thriller called The Secret in their Eyes.