In Scriptnotes episode 289 John August and Craig Mazin go in-depth on WGA and other guild negotiations with studios in the film world.  Having both served during negotiations in previous years, they give some very useful firsthand accounts of what the actual meetings and negotiations are like to attend.  They also cover the basic functional structure of the WGA, and break down their function and desires going into negotiations on behalf of writers, as well as some of the history of WGA-studio negotiations.  There’s a lot in this episode if you want a quick but comprehensive overview of WGA functions and how it affects writer health plans, minimum-wage, contract laws, and how these things directly effect you as a writer.

On another note, they revisit the topic of Kellyanne Conway’s serpentine methods of answering question, and discuss some of the tricks and how to recognize them.

They also answer questions about reviewing your script and when to send in first drafts, and talk about good use vs overuse of screen direction, and an article by No Film School which they find gives very useless advice.

They end with One Cool Things about the country Greece, which I would absolutely love to take John August’s advice and visit if only I could remotely afford it, and the game Fran Bow which I might try out because I’m a big fan of video games and it’s actually in my price range.