On Episode 288 of Scriptnotes, John August and Craig Mazin cover a variety of topics from pen names to Riverdale.

To start off, Craig and John talk about if you should write or rest when sick (something I personally think kind of changes case to case, by severity of your illness), and the difficulties transitioning into self-care once you’re an adult not being told what to do.

Craig Mazin gives a break down of the Archie comic series–a topic resurfacing recently due to the new CW show Riverdale which is based on them.  The original comics had a fairly different mood than the new show, so Craig covered the basic characters to give an idea of what the comics were like.

John and Craig addressed some interesting questions involving the need to have money as much as you can before moving to Hollywood, and the uses of a Pen Name–an often used and fairly useful tool for people who have unusual names and want to dodge prejudices in a simple way.

They also speak about Kellyanne Conway’s lying prowess and how to write characters like her–who lie skilfully all the time and don’t participate in conversation in the regularly attentive ways.

John talks about a novel he’s working on and the process of editing it, as well as the complicated questions that arise about which word is appropriate to use in cases like “weaved” and “wove.”

To finish, one cool things about Eurostar Snap and the Spare-A-Rose Campaign for type one diabetes.